Helpful tips & hints

Did you know that you can extend the life of your storage hot water unit by adjusting the thermostat to about 65°C and by replacing the sacrificial anode every four to five years?

Don’t turn your taps off too tight. Anything more than a gentle twist is too tight and will reduce the life of the tap washer. Ceramic discs should only be turned off to finger tight.

In these dry conditions trees like us are searching for water. If you have trees planted over or near your sewer drains, watch out! Tree roots will travel well beyond the drip line of the branches in the search for moisture. With the ground being so dry it moves a little which strains the pipes in the ground and can lead to the pipe splitting or cracking.

Do you some times get a smell in the bathroom when the bath or shower is used for the first time that day? The smell is caused by the residue left behind in the waste pipe by soaps and shampoos. When the residue in the pipe is wet it gives off a pungent odour. We can cure this with a liquid drain cleaner.

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